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You may ask, “What Could I Possibly Do?” or “What Kind of Difference Could I Possibly Make?” Our first response to those questions would be – “GOOD QUESTIONS! EXCELLENT QUESTIONS!!” The next response would be, “There are so many things that ANYONE can do, and MUST DO!” if TRUTH and JUSTICE are to win. This is precisely the reason for the #4Ashli Movement!

More importantly, as each of these items have the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and DUE PROCESS at its core – these are action items that affect each and every single American Citizen regardless of whether they are involved or affected by the events of January 6, 2021. On behalf of Micki Willhoeft, we would like to say Thank You for doing your part to help keep the spirit of Ashli Babbitt alive! It is through this effort, that the sacrifice made by Ashli Babbitt and others on January 6th will continue to make a difference in saving our nation. Thank You!!

The America Project: Defending Freedom, Upholding Rights.


Become a Precinct Committee Member

The Precinct Strategy is a grassroots effort to help people like you and me become Precinct Committeemen. Precinct Committeemen are voting members of the party who represent their community and make up the foundation of all political parties.

What every conservative — including YOU — needs to do ASAPBecome a voting member of our party. Why? For too long, many of our elected GOP  politicians have ignored their constituents.

Visit Precinct Strategy Website

Contact the Speaker of the House

Call Speaker Mike Johnson requesting he “release the full footage from January 6th.” Our patriots need it to prepare for trial and to prove their innocence!

Washington, DC

568 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: 202-225-2777

Contact your House Representative and Senator

and ask them to reach out to the J6 defendants from their state and check on the conditions they may be incarcerated in, or the Constitutional violations they experienced in court.

The information needed to locate the J6 detainees in their state is in the copy of The American Gulag Chronicles we delivered to their office or at

​HOUSE 202-225-3121   SENATE 202-224-3121

You can find your Congress member’s contact information at the links below.

Contact Your State Attorney General

Here in America we have a longstanding tradition of  NOT BREAKING THE LAW to UPHOLD THE LAW!!

  1. Locate the Number and Names of J6 Defendants in your State:  Click For ARREST MAP
  2. Find Your State Attorney General and Contact Information:  Click For FIND MY AG
  3. Contact Your State Attorney General and convey the following message:

Dear Attorney General _________:  
I am calling to express my concern that the Constitutional Rights and Due Process of my fellow state citizens have been violated by the intentional and zealous overreach of US Federal Government – in direct violation of our State’s Sovereign Rights as outlined in the US Constitution, US Code, and the Extradition Compact terms enshrined within our State’s Constitution. 

I am requesting that you immediately look into this matter and submit a Writ of Habeas Corpus direct to the Supreme Court for the IMMEDIATE RELEASE of ALL my fellow citizens of the great state of ________ who are currently being held in direct violation of their Constitutionally Protected Rights, the Bill of Rights, Human Rights, and Civil Liberties!

Thank you so much for your prompt attention to this matter!  May God bless all your efforts to faithfully execute your duties and responsibilities according to your oath of office to this great state and the US Constitution.  May God bless our great state of _______!  May God Bless America!




To best serve and protect the free state of Florida and our United States of America we are asking all our fellow Americans to sign and support this Resolution to,

‘Save Florida from U.S. Capitol Police‘

Contribute to J6 Hostage Family & Legal Fundraisers

Please find a list of J6 Political Hostages and their direct Fundraisers Here or Here!

Write to the J6 Political Hostages!

One of the greatest things we can do in helping and supporting the J6 Defendants is send them a note, card, or letter and let them know that they are NOT FORGOTTEN! This is incredibly important in keeping up their morale, spirits, and courage in facing all that they and their families must endure during this very difficult time. To learn more, please visit Patriot Mail Project – it will mean the world to each and every J6 Defendant that receives a simple note of encouragement and support!!


Please get in touch with your local Democrat, Libertarian, or Republican party organization and advocate that they adopt a DUE PROCESS RESOLUTION on behalf of the J6 Political Prisoners.  Regardless of a person’s viewpoint of whether crimes were committed on January 6, 2021 at the US Capitol – every single US Citizen is entitled to Constitutional, Bill of Rights, and Due Process protections.  This is something EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN should be able to agree and unite around.  Please see a sample RESOLUTION below that you can use as a template to author and introduce to your local Political Party organization.

Submit Complaints Against J6 Judges for Bias & Unproven Facts!

Most, if not all, of the Federal Judges presiding over the cases of the January 6th Political Prisoners’ Hearings and Trials have at one point or another (most on many occasions) have stated as a matter of FACT that the 2020 Presidential Election was “NOT STOLEN”, often intimating that anyone who thinks it was is a “Conspiracy Theorist” or “Right-Way Extremist” or even a “Terrorist”!

At best these statements come from a place of BLATANT POLITICAL BIAS and have no place in a courtroom!  At worst, these statements are “EVIDENTIARY” to every single case, and therefore MUST BE PROVEN TO BE A FACT!  Regardless of politics, there is SUBSTANTIAL evidence in every single Swing State that Election Fraud and Theft was rampant…but far more evidence than necessary to cast significant doubt on every single one of those elections within those states (Arizona, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Michigan). 

As a principle of JUSTICE, it is absolutely critical that only FACTS, EVIDENCE, and TRUTH be considered when a judge discharges their duties within the courtroom.  When a JUDGE knowingly injects politics and partisanship into their instructions, rulings, decisions, and sentencing activities – then they INTENTIONALLY subvert JUSTICE in direct violation of their Oath to the position of appointment.  This very INJUSTICE undermines faith in our Justice System and our Constitutionally-Protected Freedoms, Rights, Liberties, and trust in the US Government.

To stand up against this corruption and blatant disregard of FACTS, EVIDENCE, and TRUTH we are asking all Patriots from around the nation to take the time to initiate Complaints of Misconduct or Disability in those instances where the Judge is grossly stepping outside their bounds and authority.  As each and every single complaint is required to undergo investigation – this places the responsibility to ensure the Judges are being fair and equitable on us – WE THE PEOPLE!!  

If you are interested in getting involved in this effort, please complete THIS FORM with instances of abuse and overreach by the Judges presiding over the J6 Defendants.  Thank you – your assistance in this matter is of extreme importance to the J6 Political Prisoners, our decorated American Heroes now languishing in the US Gulags, Christians, and US Citizens around the nation.  Thank you!!

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